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Traffic Operations

The Engineering/Design division is responsible for the planning, design, operation and maintenance necessary to provide a safe and efficient roadway network in Leawood. This includes conducting traffic studies and traffic counts as well as advising and assisting other departments on traffic control and traffic engineering matters. The Engineering/Design Division is responsible for:

  • Traffic signal design - Traffic signals in Leawood are owned and maintained by Leawood, or leased from KCPL, or owned and maintained by an adjoining City.

  • Maintenance of traffic signal system - The City maintains and operates approximately 28 signalized intersections.

  • Developing and Maintaining traffic signal coordination along State Line Road (81st St to 103rd Terr), 119th Street (Roe Ave to Mission Rd), and Roe Avenue (115th St to 119th St), 135th Street (State Line to Nall). See the Traffic Signal Coordination Map.

  • Conduct traffic counts - The City also has a traffic count program to provide twenty-four hour traffic volumes on all major streets in Leawood (Click here to request a specific turning movement count).

  • Site impact traffic analysis review.

  • Interdepartmental coordination on a variety of projects.


2013 Traffic Volumes

Traffic Signal Map